PRAISA Software માં Employee Registration તેમજ વેરીફીકેશનની કામગીરી તાત્કાલિક પુર્ણ કરવા બાબત

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Employee Registration and Verification Operation in PRAISA Software

Returning to the above topic, the process of developing Software is in progress so that the payment process can be done online at District and Taluka Panchayat. Today, in the meeting held under the chairmanship of the Finance Department, Hon\’ble Senior Secretary (Economic Affairs), it has been observed that the performance of Employee Registration and Verification under software is relatively slow.

During the review meeting of District Development Officers to be held on 21/06/2023 under the chairmanship of the Hon\’ble Development Commissioner, you are requested to complete the Employee Registration and Verification work of your district immediately and attend the said meeting with the relevant details.

PRAISA APPLICATION માં બધા ફંકશન વિષે માહિતી 

PRAISA Software માં Employne Registrationતેમજ વેરીફીકેશનની કામગીરી