Std 3 Study Materials : Text Books, Question Papers, Ekam Kasoti Paper, Home Learning Videos, Poems

Std 3 Study Materials : Text Books, Question Papers, Ekam Kasoti Paper, Home Learning Videos, Poems Std 3 Study Materials like Text Books, Question Papers, Ekam Kasoti Paper, Home Learning Videos and Poems are available in this post. All important materials will be useful for students of Std. 3 and teachres. More latest Study Materials will also be put on this post. So keep visiting this post.

Std 3 Study Materials
Std 3 Text Books, Std 3 Question Papers, Std 3 Ekam Kasoti Paper, Std 3 Home Learning Videos, Std 3 Poems


Study Materials for Std 3

Here are some useful Std 3 study materials for students so that they can prepare effectively for their exam and score better marks. Online study Material Class-3 covers all the subjects that help students study and score better. Get free Study Materials for Class 3 Gujarati, Maths and Environment like Text Books, Question Papers, Ekam Kasoti Paper, Poems etc. Online study materials for class 1 to class 12 are provided on These study materials are collected from various official websites, study centres and blogs.

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NCERT Textbook for Class 3

NCERT Books for class 3 are published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). In this section, you will get the NCERT Class 3 textbooks for all subjects namely, Gujarati, Maths and Environment. Download Free PDF Book of all subjects for Std 3

NCERT Std 3 Environment Textbook – Download
NCERT Std 3 Maths Textbook – Download
Std 3 Gujarati textbook – Download

Std 3 Mayur New textbook – Download

Std 3 Question Papers

Free PDF Question papers of class 3 are available here. Download Class 3 Gujarati, Maths and Environment question papers. Here you can get previous year papers for Class 3 and you can also download pdf for your preparation.

Government Question Papers for 3th Class

Government primary school exam papers will also help you for your next exam. So, download Government primary school exam papers from here in pdf formet for Std 3

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3rd class exam paper 2020

Std 3 Ekam Kasoti Paper

Periodical Assessment Test (PAT) is taken by the entire Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan to check the academic quality of each subject from Std. 3 to 8. This unit test (Ekam Kasoti) is useful for the therapeutic work of each subject. A unit test is planned to evaluate the class teaching work and improve its quality. Such a unit test paper is given here. This unit test paper will be useful for students for revision or assessment.

The unit test papers of the last academic year 2019-20 of standard 3 are available on the following link. You can download these test papers for evaluation.

To Download Ekam Kasoti Paper Std 3 Year 2019-20 Click here

To Download Ekam Kasoti Paper July-2020 Click here

Std 3 Home Learning Videos

Online education has been introduced to ensure that children’s education is not disrupted due to the Korona epidemic. Home education videos have been launched by the Department of Education for online education. This home learning video is broadcast on DD Girnar as per its schedule. Broadcasting of Home Learning Video for Std. 3th to 12th has started on this channel from 15/06/2020. At the present time Home Learning Videos are most important part of Std 3 Study Materials

This post also contains a compilation of home learning videos for standard 3. This video can be watched by the children of Std. 3 at their convenience and they can study at home.

Home Learning Videos for std 3

STD 3 Online Home Learning Videos link given below.

For STD 3 Home Learning Videos Click Here

Std 3 Poems

Std. 3 Poems are available also in Std 3 Study Materials. GCERT Std. 1 to 8 Poems, Gujarati kavita Std 3, Gujarati Poem Std 3, Std 3 gujrati poem download. Search our collection of Std 3 Poems by semester. This post is very useful for teachers and students.

Gujarati Poem Std. 3, Gujarati Kavita Std. 3

Std. 3 Gujarati Kavita Sem 1 | Std. 3 Gujarati Poem Sem 1

1 NAMIYE TUJ NE – Download
2 CHANDLO GAME – Download

Std 3 Gujarati Kavita Sem 2 | Std 3 Gujarati Poem Sem 2

4 FAGANIYO – Download
7 VA VA VANTOLIYA – Download
9 MELO – CHALO JOVA JAIYE – Download provides Std 3 study materials which will help you.